Shurflo was established in 1968. They deal with fresh water pumps. It is a part of PNR. Over the years it has build a good name and reputation in the market. It is a very dependable and reliable company. Even their 25 years old pumps work efficiently. They have grown with time as the market demands. With the changing time their pumps became quieter and more efficient as compared with the pumps made in yester years.

Shurflo caters to different markets like marine, RV, floor care and general industrial markets. Since 1983 they have been manufacturing electric motor for the pumps. They manufacture more than one million pumps every year. They are dedicated towards maintaining the quality of their products which makes them the leader in their market. They are innovative, experienced and dedicated. It deals with agencies all over the world and work with VDE and TUV to assure that they are maintaining the standards to cope with the CE mark earned by them. It has files with NSF, SK, CS, UL, etc. It earned ISO- 9001 registration in 1993, the first company dealing in pumps in North America.

Characteristics of Shurflo:
Shurflo has distribution center and full service sales in Indiana and hub of the company is in California. They create loads of opportunities. Their service, quality and innovation made them grow vastly. They believe in full customer satisfaction and listen to their problems and find solutions. It enjoys leadership in the market today due to its responsive service and innovative designs.

Products manufactured by Shurflo:
Shurflo produces fluid handling equipments, high performance pumps, systems and accessories. They distribute their products globally through distributors and equipment manufacturers.

Recreational vehicles: RV pumps, RV water filtration, RV roof vents, RV accessories. Their pumps are of finest quality. Their accessories are safe, reliable and keep the water system in smooth, clean and good operating condition.

Marine: fresh water pumps, wash down pumps, general purpose pumps, bilge pumps, live well pumps and macerator pumps. Sports fishing require trouble free, rugged live well pumps suitable for harsh marine life. For fish box evacuation and sanitation waste high powered pumps are designed known as Macerator pumps. These pumps can withstand harsh marine life. Their bilge pumps are reliable, efficient and smart, good for ocean voyage. Thermal overloaded protection is included in general purpose pumps manufactured with advanced technology. Wash down pumps are generally preferred by fisherman for wash down solutions.

Industrial: floor care products, solar products, general industrial products, agriculture products. They manufacture pumps for car wash, automotive fluid service and fluid transfer application in the vehicles. In agriculture industry they make high pressure pumps and garden pumps. They provide build pumps for soft and hard surface floor care industry. It covers brush drive application, extractor, scrubber, spotter and truck mount boost. They make pumps for construction equipments, medical equipments and aircraft. Their solar pumps have a long life and show consistent performance.

Fluid solutions: delivery pumps, water boost systems, filtration, gas pumps.

Shurflo products are suitable for diverse number of applications.